How To Use Snapchat on the Web and Leave Your Phone in Your Pocket

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Those who enjoy Snapchat will be able to access it through a web browser if they subscribe to Snapchat Plus. This means you can use your mouse and keyboard to do all of your Snapchatting, leaving your smartphone in your pocket or desk drawer. What’s possible right now will help you decide whether it’s worth switching.

You can get a few extras that normal users don’t get with Snapchat Plus, which costs $4 per month, $22 every six months, or $40 a year. Additionally, Snapchat Plus offers access to Snapchat on the web, exclusive Snapchat icons for your home screen, customizable Bitmoji backgrounds, and more. You can pin one of your friends to the top of the chat list, and more.

Snapchat for web lets you send snaps from your webcam.
Snapchat for web lets you send snaps from your webcam.

Even though it doesn’t seem awesome right now, Snapchat promises to add more features over time-and if you use the app a lot (and want to use it on your browser too), you might consider getting the subscription package. Snapchat also gives priority replies to celebrities, so your responses appear first.

As far as Snapchat Plus features go, web access is one of the most intriguing. The use of a computer while covering your social media duties can be a lot more convenient, as demonstrated by Instagram-another mobile-first app with a web interface. It’s easier to switch between tasks since you have a bigger screen to view, a proper keyboard to type on, and you can more easily scroll.

Having purchased Snapchat Plus, you need to head to Snapchat for Web, log in using your credentials, and confirm your account. on All you need to do is open the Snapchat app on your phone, and you’re all set. Allow the site to use your computer’s webcam by clicking Turn on your camera to send Snaps.

You can make calls and send text snaps.
You can make calls and send text snaps.

By clicking on someone’s name in the chat list on the left, or by clicking the compose button (the blue and white button) in the top left corner, you can start composing a text message. If you have a lot of typing to do to individual contacts or to groups, this actually makes Snapchat for Web a very useful tool. If you’re in a conversation, you can reply to messages and save them.
The top right corner of a chat on Snapchat for Web shows the menu for audio and video calling. When you’ve selected a contact, click Start Call instead of Chat, then use the same compose button that’s available for text messages.

As of now, you can’t open images and videos you’ve been sent, and that will have to change soon, so that the service is worth it. These snaps can only be viewed through the mobile app, and even once you have opened them, they won’t appear on the web interface (though a placeholder indicates if they’re seen or not).

Once you’ve granted access to your webcam, you can send pictures from the web interface—but they can’t be viewed in conversation threads. You’re going to want to use the mobile app to compose and send snaps unless you can only get a certain shot with your webcam. You can only add text overlays, so there aren’t stickers or scribbles. There isn’t much to it in this regard at the moment.

Snapchat for web is most useful for text-heavy conversations.
Snapchat for web is most useful for text-heavy conversations.

As for Snapchat for Web’s settings, you can access them by clicking on your avatar, right up in the top left corner. There are two theme options available, either light or dark, and you can also follow the loading system of your operating system… and… that’s pretty much it.

As an additional point, the web interface recognizes when you switch from one window to another, hiding the conversation you were reading. You might be able to protect your chats from being viewed by a spy watching you. It’s an interesting security feature.

The answer to the question of whether Snapchat Plus subscriptions are worth it right now is probably no—unless you text a lot using Snapchat, and unless the browser app integrates photos and videos better. Despite this, there’s no doubt that over time, it will become better and more viable as an alternative to mobile apps.

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