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Starlite Station

Starlite Station is a country dancehall with a modern twist. In Feb 2019, I was contracted to work on Starlite Stations already-established website aswell as: maintaining their social media profiles, designing flyers, hooking up their security systems, and creating advertisements (both online and physically printed materials).

Onessimo Fine Art

Onessimo Fine Art is a Fine Art gallery that specializes in providing you access to the best Fine Art, Sculpture, and Photography available worldwide, ranging from old and modern masters to works by contemporary artists of established value and assisting you through our knowledgeable and skillful art consultants to select the optimum works for your home and/or develop your art portfolio. In Aug 2018, I was contacted to update their entire website (consisting of over 10,000 HTML files!). This was a very time-consuming project because the previous programmer didn’t organize the website very well. Most of the changes were coded by hand because it was impossible to solve programmatically.

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