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Cozy Cottage

Cozy Cottage is a chill, homey eatery with a seasonal patio offering American & Mexican fare for breakfast & lunch. In Nov 2019, I was contacted by them to re-establish their website and generate some graphic design work to accompany the website. I created an entirely new website that included a reservation system and a custom email server for the employees. The website now ranks better than it ever has on Google because I optimized the SEO on the website.

Red Hawk Roofing

Red Hawk Roofing, established and locally owned, specializes in residential roofs, commercial roofs, and roof coatings. We are the most dependable roofing company in Colorado.

Zerofit USA

ZeroFit USA provides authentic Zerofit products complete with the patented Heatrub technology that ensures the utmost quality and mobility in your preferred base layer. With this Japanese brand, you not only have the warmest base layer but also one that allows fluid movement and comfort.

Lotic Irrigation

Lotic Irrigation is the Fort Collins area’s premier irrigation system contractor. Installation and Repair of all things water. Lotic Irrigation has grown off the desire to help educate each other on how to reduce water use while still giving our families a beautiful outdoor living space to relax and be safe. We provide all services related to sprinklers, irrigation, and drip systems, including instructions. Water feature services are another specialty: clean, repair, install, maintain, and winterize. We want to help with your sprinkler, drip, and irrigation Blowouts. Sprinkler blowouts done improperly can leave you with trouble next year.

Call to Arms Brewing

Call to Arms Brewing Company is an independent brewery passionately committed to quality, community, and camaraderie. Their goal is to create delicious beer served with genuine hospitality. All styles. Beers you can drink, again and again, seasonal styles, or even extremely unique brews for special occasions. In Nov 2019, I was contacted by them to create a website for them and some graphic design work to accompany the website. I created a custom emailing system, and custom icons, and achieved an SEO score of 84% on the website; which is very high!

Phoenix Auto Works Inc.

Phoenix AutoWorks is an independently owned and operated shop. In 2018 I built the Phoenix AutoWorks website from the ground up! Unfortunately, the website is no longer online because they are no longer doing business.

La Doña Mezcaleria

La Doña Mezcaleria is a mezcal-centric cocktail bar also serving Mexican street food in rustic digs behind Adelitas.

ISA Texas Channel

The International Society of Automation is the leading non-profit professional association founded to create a better world through automation. This global organization has more than 40,000 members worldwide and continues to grow daily.

Biologix Mobile Wellness

At Biologix, all of our mobile IV therapy services are designed to provide you with the nutrients, minerals, and hydration your body needs to perform at its best. Whether you’re looking to improve your athletic performance, recover from a hangover, or simply boost your energy levels naturally with NAD+, our customizable IV infusions and Vitamin Boosters can help you reach your wellness goals.

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