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At Empathy First Media we believe that hard work pays off, failure is still the best way to learn and nothing gets handed to you. If you want to join a team of like-minded entrepreneurial people then this is the place for you. If you want to believe that your expensive degree gives you a reason to sit on a high horse then you need to re-evaluate your life. We want to teach the best of the best—the people who are willing to learn and fail. If you are ready to join and become a digital marketing bada**, then submit this form!

We are currently looking for:

-Web Developers (WordPress, HTML, CSS, Page Builders – I don’t care if you can code a site by hand, it’s a waste of time)
-Technical Copywriters (Medicine, Engineering, Science)
-SEO Experts (Regression Analysis, Data Analytics, Experiments)
-PPC/SEM/Social Media Ads (Creative, Data Analytics, Reporting)

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Tyler Hall Tech

Tyler Hall Tech, locally owned and operated, provides the finest website design & development services in Colorado! I’m the Website Developer and Graphic Designer for Tyler Hall Tech LLC in Fort Collins, CO. I have a serious passion for UI effects, animations, and designing distinctive & energetic user experiences. Let me design you a website or graphic you’re proud of!
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