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Tyler Hall Tech ai.txt Generator

Create an ai.txt file for your website to set permissions for text and data mining.

Use the toggles to allow or block your content from being used to train AI models.

By default all content is opted out.

Selecting allow for any content type will let data miners know that they may use content on your website of that media type.

Content Type Block ⛔️ Allow ✔️


What is an ai.txt file?

An ai.txt file is a simple text file placed in the root directory of your website that communicates with data miners. It provides instructions on whether the images and text hosted on your domain can be used to train commercial AI models.

How do I create an ai.txt file using the ai.txt generator?

To create an ai.txt file using our generator, simply toggle the options for images and text according to your preferences. Once you’ve set your desired permissions, click the “Download ai.txt” button to create your custom ai.txt file.

How do I add the ai.txt file to my website?

Upload the ai.txt file to the root directory (/ or /.well-known/) of your website, alongside your robots.txt file. You can do this using your hosting provider’s File Manager or via an FTP client. For detailed instructions, refer to the documentation provided on the “Install ai.txt” Tab in the Support section on this page.

Will the ai.txt file affect my website’s SEO?

No, the ai.txt file is specifically designed for AI miners and does not impact traditional search engine crawlers or your website’s SEO.

How do I know if the ai.txt file is working?

To verify that your ai.txt file is in the correct location, visit in your browser, replacing with your actual domain name.

Can I update my ai.txt file later if my preferences change?

Yes, you can update your ai.txt file at any time by generating a new file using our ai.txt Generator and re-uploading it to your website’s root directory. Remember to remove or overwrite the old ai.txt file with the updated version.

Do all AI miners follow the rules set in my ai.txt file?

While many AI miners respect the rules set in ai.txt files, some may not adhere to them. However, implementing an ai.txt file is still an effective way to communicate your preferences to responsible AI developers and miners, promoting ethical AI practices.

Is the ai.txt Generator free to use?

Yes, our ai.txt generator is free to use. We believe in providing accessible tools to help creators maintain control over their content and encourage responsible AI development.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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