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Tyler is undoubtedly one of the best professionals in the business. My relationship with Tyler goes back many years and he is a professional and knowledgeable individual. He has helped me with various web-related issues as well as various computer and technology issues. I trust him and have referred him to friends, family members, and businesses on numerous occasions. I've had nothing but good experiences working with Tyler. His prices are very reasonable for the value he delivers. His speedy delivery and knowledge of the subject matter make him a very good choice. Tyler is very honest about how long something will take him, as opposed to a lot of digital marketers and web developers who overemphasize the amount of work needed to rack up a bill. Hence, I trust him with all work that I refer to him, and I also send him more work since I know I won't get the runaround or sales pitch from him. I cannot stress enough how important this is for anyone looking into web developers. He is a person of honesty, trustworthiness, and great character. The work he does is always of the highest quality. I also enjoy working with him, which is an added bonus!

Tyler is probably the most professional and easy to work with guy in this field. If you are looking for experienced website development to give your personal brand or business an absolute BANG, I recommend him and this business. 10/10 would use this business again in the future!

Logan patzlaff
Logan Patzlaff2022-05-17

Tyler is an absolute professional. I have known Tyler for years and his professionalism and knowledge is unmatched. He has helped me with website needs and various computer and technology issues. I have trusted him and referred him to multiple family members and businesses.

Chance basurto
Chance Basurto2022-02-16

Our website was developed by Tyler a phenomenal website developer who is extremely hard-working and responsive. In addition to delivering quality work in a short turnaround time he also makes recommendations on how to fully optimize our business' website. We are thankful to have him on our team!

Tammy gray
Tammy Gray2022-01-27

This company uses a top tier program and modern layout taking design far into the 21st century.

A. J. Mckittrick
A.J. McKittrick2022-01-20

Tyler helped me get Photoshop installed on my computer so I could create the logo for my band. Then he helped render a video using that logo allowing me to post my music to YouTube (in 4K!) for the world to hear.

Travis simpson
Travis Simpson2022-01-19

Highly recommend Tyler for your website.. He is very creative with design and very responsive helping you navigate website including Facebook Instagram and twitter . Very knowledgeable in google maps . Definitely will use him again with my business website expansion. Thank you Tyler .

What can I say about Tyler? He is absolutely wonderful to work with. I had a private client that needed a complete makeover on a e-commerce website. I was referred to Tyler through a mutual friend. It was important for me to be VERY HANDS ON throughout the entire process and he welcomed my involvement. We worked together for several months on this project to get it just right. I can't thank you enough Tyler and I look forward to working together on other projects in the foreseeable future. I highly recommend Tyler to anyone! He is trustworthy insightful and goes the distance.

Kris m-e
Kris M-E2022-01-17

Tyler has been nothing short of awesome to work with. He is extremely reasonable in pricing for the value you get from him. He is knowledgeable and fast on delivery. Most digital marketers and web developers over emphasize or over portray the amount of work needed in order to rack up a bill but Tyler actually is very honest with how long something will take him. For this reason I trust him with any work for myself or others I refer to him and I also send him more work because I know I don't have to get the runaround or sales pitch with him. For anyone looking into web developers I cannot express more how important this is. He is honest trustworthy has great character and overall the work delivered is always of highest quality. I enjoy working with him too which is a huge bonus!!

Oana borcoman
Oana Borcoman2022-01-08

We simply cannot say enough amazing things about the work Tyler has done for our web development over the past few months. He took a very unorganized mess of a website and transformed it into something I wouldn't have imagined he could have. He worked day and night and responded quick and added all the information we wanted in a very timely fashion! Very highly recommended!

Tyler offered all the services we needed for our website and had revisions finished quickly without errors. Highly recommend to anyone in need of website services.

Tommy kaiser
Tommy Kaiser2021-11-19

Tyler built a new website for our company and we are beyond happy with it! He is super helpful responsive and had some great ideas! Will use him again in the future!

Brianna hall
Brianna Hall2021-11-18

Tyler is extremely professional and very knowledgeable! He built me a website FB page and Instagram and successfully connected the links together for ease of my followers. My accounts were running for a political office so I had to rely on the expertise and top of the line professionalism. I will most definitely use his services again in the near future.

Taylor sullivan
Taylor Sullivan2021-11-12

We were having problems with my sons laptop it wouldn't load properly and was incredibly slow. Tyler had it fixed within 10 minutes! They guy is amazingly fast knowledgeable and will make sure you are happy with the job.

Bryan sullivan
Bryan Sullivan2021-11-12

Amanda prout
Amanda Prout2021-11-11

Tyler Hall Tech is an absolute fantastic company to do business with. He'll design you website exactly how you want and won't stop making changes until you're 100% satisfied. He's got great experience and I seriously wouldn't recommend anyone else

Brandon hall
Brandon Hall2021-11-11

Got a new home security system. Supposedly easy to hook up anyone can do it. Not!! It could not connect to my WiFi for what reason I don't remember. Called a good friend. A computer genius.!! Works for the government. Classified stuff. He spent an hour attempting to set up my system. He failed. That's when I called Tyler. Within 5 minutes of his arrival I was on line and house secured. 5 minutes!!! That's it. Even cleaned up my computer as well. Extremely reasonable charge. Will of course choose Tyler for all future needs.

George hall
George Hall2021-11-11

Tyler is very punctual with his work and goes above and beyond on his delivery. He is my go to guy with anything tech related!

Aaron hall
Aaron Hall2021-11-11

Neoma castaneda
Neoma Castaneda2021-11-10

Edwin sharman
Edwin Sharman2021-10-20

Tyler has created numerous high quality graphics advertisements and marketing material for me and I have been very pleased with him. Attached is an example of his work. It's graphic he created for my daughter's birthday. It was a last-minute request but he finished it quickly and managed to still produce a quality graphic. He is very responsive knowledgeable and easy to work with! All his work comes at an affordable price too! I haven't needed a website (yet) but I've seen his website development skills and he is very good at what he does. Tyler Hall Tech is excellent at creating websites with responsive mobile designs search engine optimizations and schema markup. Use Tyler Hall Tech for all your website development graphic design or social media needs!


Tyler is a phenomenal website developer and is incredibly hard working and responsive. Not only does he deliver quality work in short turn around time but he'll make suggestions on how to fully optimize our business' website. We are so grateful for him!

Kb wellness
KB Wellness2021-08-18

Tyler was introduced to us by a close friend who has worked with Tyler on several web projects. We are are so happy that we got to work with Tyler. He was helpful patient and helped us bring our vision to life. We learned a lot when working with him. At times it was overwhelming as we wanted to work collaboratively. We changed our website from a software provider hosted service and it was frightening! As a boutique Vacation Rental Company we depend on our direct booking website. He was on top of the transition every step of the way. We would highly recommend Tyler Hall Tech to anyone looking for a quality website to build their brand!

Tyler helped me set up a ecommerce website! He put the site together extremely fast with amazing quality.

Benn b.
Benn B.2020-11-25


Fantastic service excellent at solving problems. 10/10 would rate again.

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Matt howell
Matt Howell2020-10-31

Kyla sharman
Kyla Sharman2020-09-06

Tyler did an awesome job fixing my daughter's lap top that we were having problems with!!! Tyler was very knowledgeable of how to fix the problems & got it fixed in a timely matter!!! Thank you Tyler!!! You did a great job!!!

Tracy koch
Tracy Koch2020-04-10

Tyler is a great a web designer who has done graphic design work for me as well as consulted me in web design social media and SEO. Highly recommend him. He also came to my Denver location and fixed my computer.

Kenna j
kenna j2019-11-23

Highly recommend! Extremely professional and knowledgable. Helped me determine exactly what I needed while meeting all of my requirements. The price was fair and the work was high quality. I definitely recommend!!

Alex undzis
Alex Undzis2019-09-17

Highly recommended! Professional service timely and listened to my concerns. My computer has never run better. Thank you! I'll be recommending you to all my friends and family.

Janee espinoza
Janee Espinoza2019-09-16

Highly recommend!! Tyler was very knowledgable and was able to create an awesome website for me. He is very professional and gets his work done in a timely manner.

I was very impressed with Tyler Hall. He did a great job with helping me. He answered all my questions and was very insightful on translating my wants and needs in a positive way. Reasonably priced as well. If highly recommend him to anyone. I wish him prosperity in his future endeavors.


Our Specialties

Creating dynamic websites with intuitive user interfaces that are responsive and load quickly.



The loading time of a website is important to every visitor. Consequently, I always prioritize fast loading times and lag-free interactions. Your site is faster than approximately 50% of others if it loads in 2.9 seconds. A loading time of 1.7 seconds is faster than 75% of the web, while a loading time of 0.8 seconds is faster than 94% of the web.

Layouts Are


If viewed on a laptop, iPad, or any smartphone in any orientation, websites should automatically scale their content and elements to match the screen size on which they are viewed. For that reason, I always prioritize that my websites are responsive.

Content Is


I love making pages come to life with animation, so my websites don't have to stay static. The content on dynamic websites changes every time they are viewed. Through a combination of client-side scripting and database connections, this is accomplished.

Looks & Feels


Depending on the content of the website, the aesthetics of the site are the most important consideration. It should be visually pleasing and have good navigation. All web content should be placed in eye-catching positions. The colors, fonts, sizes, everything should all be eye-catching. These are things I pay attention to.

Our Skills

I’m the Website Developer and Graphic Designer for Tyler Hall Tech LLC in Fort Collins, CO. I have a serious passion for UI effects, animations, and designing distinctive & energetic user experiences. Let me design you a website or graphic you’re proud of!

  • CSS

  • HTML

  • Javascript

  • UI Design

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator


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